How to Choose your Rain Gutters

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Usually, property owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to make their properties more beautiful. They spend a lot of time choosing paint color, furniture, among others. 

However, you need to pay attention to your rain gutter system, especially when the rainy season is approaching. Having a rain gutter installation before these months is essential for your home.

If you don’t use a rain gutter system, water will cause countless problems that will require costly repairs to your home. Rain gutters are designed to collect water and redirect it away from the foundation of your property.

Why do you need rain gutters? Because your home or property needs protection. Here are certain damages caused by the lack of rain gutters:

Siding damage: water flowing on your siding is not good. This can leave a hint of dirt in the process, discolor and wear down the paint, which will obviously force you to paint or replace your siding.

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Roof damage: not having a proper rain gutter system is going to leave water backed up on your roof. This will occasionally cause leaks in your home, damaging its structure.

Flooded basements: since the purpose of rain gutters is to redirect water away from your home; when this fails, the water will go somewhere else, which is most likely going to be your basement. If you don’t do something as soon as possible, this can cause a crack in the foundation of your home.

Mold: as water seeps into your home, it leaves creating the ideal environment for mold to grow. This can lead to health complications such as respiratory problems, fever, headache, watery eyes and more.

It doesn’t take long enough for water to cause noticeable and invisible damage to your home. Homeowners overlook water damage and also ignore the relevance of rain gutters. By the time they learn how much gutters can assist them prevent these inconveniences, it may be too late.

You might think that rain gutters make your home look drab, but you’d be wrong. Custom rain gutters are the best option if you want to give your home a nice look. You can select from a wide range of models and materials, depending on what you are looking for. 

Custom rain gutters serve to update your home and, most essential of all, to protect it from water damage. In addition, you decide how your rain gutters are going to be made. When choosing the ideal material for your new gutters, you must select their shape, making your custom rain gutters a unique feature on your home.

 There are many aspects to consider when choosing new gutters. Hence, here are some tips to help you choose the best gutters for your next rain gutter installation:

Consider choosing continuous rain gutters

Continuous rain gutters perform much better than gutters of other designs and help keep the gutter system from overflowing during the rainy season.

 There are different materials to consider when it comes to rain gutters. The most popular are aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and vinyl.


Gutter shape

There are 3 basic types of gutters, and they are known by the shape of their cross section. These types come in 6″ and 7″ widths.

Semicircular gutters: they are precisely what their name suggests, they have a half-circle shape. They are usually found in older or historic homes. These also have their benefits; for example, their chances of clogging are lower due to their flat inner shape and they are less damaged by corrosion.

K-Gutters: First, there are many styles available for K-gutters. Next, it is the most common among most homeowners. 

These gutters get their name from the way they resemble the letter “k” when viewed from a side profile. Homeowners choose this shape for its durability and ease of handling during installation. They are also less prone to leaking and can hold more water than rounded style gutters.

Box gutters: The name “box gutter” refers to 2 basic features: one is the square shape of the gutter itself, and the other is the location of the gutter on a building, with the gutter system embedded in the roof (either at its edge or near its mid-area) or around the perimeter. Their aesthetic value makes them the ideal solution for the renovation of historic buildings or during the construction of large commercial establishments.

Rain gutters installation

After selecting the type, material and shape of rain gutters, you will need to install them. It is not recommended that you do it yourself. It is always and in all circumstances going to be preferable to invest and have professionals do the installation for you.

 Installing your rain gutters is one of the best things you can do to prevent water damage. Fortunately, they are inexpensive, considering that home repair costs will always and under all circumstances exceed the cost of gutter installation.

For this reason The Gutters Factory brings you experience and quality, our extensive experience speaks for us, with our rain gutter maintenance services, rain gutter repair, among others, we have a highly qualified team so that your home or business does not suffer breakdowns because of these.

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