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Aspects to consider when installing rain gutters on your house

When installing rain gutters on a house, there are multiple factors to consider: materials, shapes and proper slope, to name just the most important elements; their proper use will depend on the unique characteristics of each house, this is a fact known by all gutter installation boca raton, who will consider them to offer their clients the best options for a good water collection system.

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Each gutter installer performs a study of the house to determine the characteristics of the property, and thus establish what kind of style or angle is necessary for each particular home. Below, we will detail the most relevant elements:


There are two main types of materials, each with its benefits and weaknesses. First is PVC, which is very durable and withstands a lot of impact. Additionally, PVC parts are easy to replace if one of them is damaged, and they are very economical. Perhaps their only negative aspect is that they are difficult to paint.  The other material used in the gutters is steel, which offers a better appearance to the house; it has the advantage of being very easy to paint, but it needs more work at the time of a repair because the pieces are not so simple to change.


Gutters are generally manufactured in two shapes, both for each material. The semicircle shape is common but not very ornamental. For those who want to give their home a better look, there are K-shaped gutters, which come in different sizes and offer a better decoration. Slope The function of the slope is to give the water a direction to run mechanically, and only thanks to gravity. The slope used depends on the length of each gutter. The longer the gutter, the steeper the angle should be. Because of the angle, the water can flow to the nearest downspout.

Storm downspout

Storm downspouts are an essential part of the drainage system. They carry the water from the gutter to the specific point on the ground where it is required. They must be made of exactly the same material as the gutter and their size is proportional to the size of the gutter.

Decorative designs

The home is one of the greatest forms of expression for a person, and since not all people think alike, houses are very different from each other.  A good gutter installation boca raton should be able to suggest to their user a way to give their home a unique look. For those service customers who want their home to stand out from the rest, the use of rain chains is a good option.  These chains are used as rain gutters, and when water runs down them, it emits a soothing sound that brings harmony to the home, according to certain Asian opinions. Installing a rainwater gutter is more than just putting in a water collection system. It’s an upgrade to your home that will protect it from water damage and add a personal touch.  The right combination of elements during the installation of the rain gutter will make it different, functional and durable. Because of this, it is important that you entrust this job to professionals, like those at Rain Gutters Solution, so that the safety of your home is in the right hands.

How to choose the right raceways

Both at home and in the office, the use of electrical and electronic equipment has increased the need for electrical installations that avoid breaking walls, or the unsafe presence of cables exposed to the passage. For this purpose, conduits are the ideal solution.

They are PVC rails that are fixed to the wall, inside which can be housed as many keys as the product design allows, thus they are hidden from view allowing to expand electrical installations, telephone or TV, from junction boxes or directing them to the nearest outlet.


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Among the benefits of these products are that the contractor avoids doing works to embed cables in the walls, they are also simple to cut, since they are made of PVC, and are adaptable to each and every one of the requirements.

Types of trunking

They are normally marketed with a standard length of 2 or 2.10 meters, and are available in different widths and depths, to house one or more cables.  They are also available in white or wood tones.  

These products are classified as follows:

Simple: they are fixed to the wall by means of nails, screws and plugs or adhesive. To place them with adhesive it is advisable that the wall is not textured and that the paint is firm. Multiple: with several rails inside, to distinguish very well the type of wiring. Self-adhesive: they have an adhesive strip on the back, with a protector.  They are ideal for smooth walls or walls wrapped with other non-porous material. Hinged: the cover is not independent of the rail, it only opens and closes at the top. Corner: to be placed vertically in the corners of the walls, but also very practical to be placed horizontally on worktops or work tables. Semicircular: the function is exactly the same but their design makes them more discreet. If you need a professional for the maintenance of your gutters in boca ratón, please contact us.
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