Pool Cage Needs to Be Bepaired

pool screen repair

How do you know if your pool cage needs to be repaired?

Pool enclosures are partially strong, but they are not insurmountable and the materials will weaken over time. Handling minor repairs sooner rather than later keeps your pool cage in great condition and saves you money in the long run.

Here are just some of the warning signs that your pool cage is in need of repair:

Small rips and tears: pets, squirrels and other critters can tear the screen with their claws and teeth. These small scratches can become larger and more noticeable if you don’t repair them. It also gives unwanted insects and animals an opening into your backyard enclosure!

 Flaking paint – Are you noticing loose or peeling paint? Pool cages should be repainted every 5 to 10 years, just like your home. That’s why many people do both paint jobs at the same time.

 The pool screen is ripped out of its frame : It is common to see pool screens ripped out of the aluminum groove. A stretched screen will start to warp or bulge and is going to cause the edges to start pulling away from the frame. 

The aluminum frame that holds the screens in place could also weaken. If this happens in several areas of your screen circuitry, then it may be more economical to make a complete new screen.

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Here’s how you know it’s absolutely time to replace the pool cage!

Recognizing at what point it’s time to replace the pool cage can assist you in circumventing a costly and potentially dangerous situation. 

Here’s how you can know if you need a complete pool cover replacement:

Algae overgrowth : Florida’s warm, humid climate creates ideal conditions for algae growth. Algae is virtually impossible to remove with normal cleaning methods and, if left unchecked, will quickly spread throughout the rest of the screen housing.

Remaining or rusted hardware : If you notice that bolts are missing or screws and fasteners are rusting, it would be safer to replace the entire pool cage. 

An imperfect pool cover could come loose and blow off in a severe storm and cause serious damage to or damage to your property. 


Extensive damage requires new pool circuit protection.

Minor damage to your pool cover screens on a frequent basis can be repaired, primarily when the damage is limited to a single screen

Severe damage, such as that caused by windstorms, may require a complete repair job. If the damage extends through multiple screens and the frame, a complete new screen or replacement may be more economical.

Alterable needs for your family When you purchased the home, the screened pool loop may have met your needs just fine, but changes in your household, such as having children or adopting a canine, may require you to reconsider your enclosure. 

Pets can damage a basic style screen, forcing you to spend money on incessant screen repair coral springs.

 Opting for a pet screen strong enough to withstand the destructive nature of pets and little ones can help you save money. 

If bugs interrupt your pool parties, you can upgrade your circuit with a specially developed screen repair coral springs fl to keep pesky insects at bay. Depending on the age of your current pool cover, screen technology has changed.

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