Plastic or Metal in Your Gutters.

gutters boynton beach

The pros and cons of using plastic or metal in your gutters.

gutters boynton beach

The Gutters Factory represent a home’s primary protection against moisture-related problems. 
They keep rainwater flowing away from the walls and foundation of the house before it has time to accumulate near the house, saving you a lot of headaches and expense over the years.  Seamless gutters boynton beach in particular are versatile and leave more options for preserving the gutter’s resistance against the outside elements.Both segmented and seamless gutters can be manufactured in multiple different materials, opening up new possibilities for those on a tight budget.

There are many options to select from, but most people tend to make a distinction between plastic and metal gutters, with the latter differing in concept of aesthetics and durability depending on the metal. 
In general, however, a homeowner will go with one of the two initial choices based on their own priorities. 
Today we will look at the two alternative options to determine once and for all which is the better choice.

Plastics Gutters

Plastic gutters are popular because of their affordability and flexibility. Ultimately, installing a PVC gutter is less dangerous than mounting a metal gutter, as it is generally simpler to maneuver a lighter structure under the roof. 
If you’re interested in plastic gutters, here’s a list of essentials you should know:

Flexible: Plastic gutters are specifically manufactured to take full advantage of the material’s ability to flex. The elasticity of plastic gutters allows you to mold the gutter to every shape and angle, an advantage that comes in handy in complex roof designs. 
This also means that they are likely to take a hit without breaking completely, making repairs simpler and more cost-effective.

Affordable: In addition to the lower cost range for out-of-the-way repairs, the gutter installation itself is more economical when working with plastic. 
Plastic is less expensive than virtually any other gutter material, and is fairly easy to work with, so labor costs are below what a contractor would charge when using metal, wood or other heavier materials.

Ideal for custom guttering: plastic is ductile, so it can accommodate any and all gutter styles and sizes and additional changes. 
You can also make minor alterations or add new pieces without much hassle, such as repainting your gutters as many times as needed (plastic gutters are available in many different colors, so you won’t need to repaint unless you plan a complete renovation).

They won’t corrode: Being plastic, you don’t have to worry about your gutters rusting after years of enduring the sun and rainwater. 
To clarify, this does not mean that the gutter is impervious to other forms of deterioration caused by exposure to UV rays and changing temperatures.

Metal Gutters

Metal gutters remain the most popular choice among owners, and generally maintain their good looks over decades without intermediate repairs.

Aluminum gutters in particular are common on both residential and commercial buildings. Here are a few advantages that make metal gutters a great choice:

Durable and damage resistant: With regular maintenance, metal gutters can go decades without repairs. 

They are known to remain stable through the most extreme weather changes, to the point that it is rare for metal gutters to crack or break if they have been installed properly.

Versatile: Metal gutters can be almost as flexible as their plastic counterparts when it comes to installation techniques. They can be customized to the building’s measurements, and the end result serves to enhance the aesthetic value of the entire property.

Corrosion resistance: Corrosion is a major cause for concern when working with different types of metals. Truly, a professional installation service provides high quality metals to protect against any and all sources of corrosion over long periods of time. 

You can also seal the gutter to add an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Easy to maintain: Because metal gutters are flexible and retain sufficient strength to maintain their stability, they can also be customized for maximum accessibility during cleaning and maintenance. 

Metal gutters are wide enough to hold all the water that falls during a storm, making it easy for owners to check their structure and clean out any debris trapped inside.

Plastic vs. Metal – Which is better?

Now that we’ve gone over the characteristics that make the two materials a viable option, let’s review certain of them in a deeper context. 

Many of the attributes that make one genre of gutter ideal for a particular home can be a definite factor under certain conditions.

Plastic gutters are malleable, so it is quite difficult for cracks to be deep enough to compromise their performance. 

However, this also makes them more prone to sagging, and intense temperature changes can drastically disfigure their structure until they inevitably start leaking.

 As previously mentioned, there are no size limitations for plastic gutters. This, however, does not mean that a plastic gutter will continue to be resilient in its larger format, especially if you expect it to handle large amounts of water year-round.

 Some metals are heavy and this makes them more difficult to work with, while increasing the overall cost of a gutter installation service. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to circumvent these drawbacks, such as aluminum and zinc.

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Professional contractors take full advantage of integrated technologies when it comes to installing metal gutters. 

Because of this, a metal gutter is unlikely to rust around the bolts that hold the joints, which increases its long service life. 

In short, seamless gutters offer more possibilities to achieve the expected result by adapting to specific dimensions.

Tired of dealing with peeling paint and rotting foundations? 

A durable rain gutter system will solve your problems, and The Gutters Factory is here to assist you in getting the best rain gutters in Boynton Beach

Our specialists guarantee the best materials and the latest equipment to make your gutters as functional as possible for your property, and we always take your needs and suggestions into consideration when locating the right gutters for your home. 

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